Midas Dealers Association Names CustomerLink Systems Vendor of Choice


Roseville, CA - 17 May 2001

Today, CustomerLink Systems, Inc., a leader in delivering Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs to the automotive service and repair industry, was designated vendor of choice for Customer Relationship Management services by the International Midas Dealers Association.

The agreement provides IMDA members access to CustomerLink’s retention based marketing services at a discount, which is a significant member benefit. These services help Midas franchisees drive repeat business, increase car count and referrals, build customer loyalty, and ultimately improve dealer profitability.

“Traditional marketing activities in automotive services have been aimed at acquiring new customers. However, we know the cost of retaining existing customers is five to six times less”, states Jennifer Gentry, Association Manager of IMDA. “We believe our members should capitalize on the opportunity to increase profitability without increasing their marketing budgets. CustomerLink’s service allows them to do just that.” Gentry continues, “CustomerLink has an outstanding program with many forms of customer communication, including service reminder notices, which help increase the probability that an individual will return at regular intervals for routine maintenance work”.

Anthony Romano, CustomerLink Executive VP noted, “The lines are blurring between specialty automotive facilities and general repair shops. Midas already has tremendous brand equity. The CustomerLink service will enhance that by allowing Midas dealers to communicate with each of their customers several times a year to ensure that profitable service and maintenance work is being done at their Midas shop.”

About CustomerLink Systems, Inc.

CustomerLink Systems, Inc. is a leader in delivering Customer Retention and Loyalty services to the automotive service and repair industry. CustomerLink’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system automatically reminds vehicle owners of future service intervals, provides coupons, surveys, or thank you letters on behalf of their service provider. These services allow the automotive service shops to increase customer count, retain their customer base, and generate greater profits without spending any incremental time or effort. And the best news is CustomerLink Systems performs these services for the shops. CustomerLink puts time in the service providers’ life and profits in their business.]

About the IMDA

The International Midas Dealers Association (IMDA) is an organization comprised of Midas franchise owners in North America. IMDA’s purpose is to protect and enhance the profitability and economic investment of its franchisee members plus work with Midas, International to plan for the future viability and success of the Midas system.

IMDA Contacts:

Ken Bowman, IMDA 877-543-6203

CustomerLink Contact

John Daulton
888.942.5448 ext.119