Auto Repair Marketing Guerilla-Style: An Introduction

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I love marketing probably in the same way you love cars.

From watching people happily use a website that I created to the most minute details of choosing the right word to use in an email subject line, this stuff fascinates me. You, on the other hand, likely want to know the bare basics of auto repair marketing so you can focus on your passion — taking care of cars and the customers in your community.

For that purpose, I would recommend a CustomerLink marketing bundle to automate your more time-consuming and technical auto repair marketing tasks. In the meantime, I want to introduce a marketing tool so important that it should be sitting right next to the scan tool in your shop.

guerilla marketing applied to auto repair shops

See how my copy is beaten up and held together with tape? That’s a good sign.

I’m recommending that every shop owner buy a book called Guerilla Marketing by Conrad Levinson – now. I know that some of you just shut off your computer and ran out to the garage at the sight of the word “book.” If you are still with me, let me tell you that this isn’t some boring discussion of marketing filled with useless corporate buzzwords and high-level business school theories that mean nothing to the real world business owner. I’ve read those too, and I wouldn’t put you through that.

Guerilla Marketing is the real deal — it tells small business owners and entrepreneurs in plain English exactly what it takes to turn their marketing efforts into cash in the shortest amount of time possible without wasting money. The principles taught in this book really mean something in the real world. In fact, I got my first marketing job because I read this book before, and repeated exactly what I read during, the interview. My college degree and web design experience may have gotten me in the door, but this book started my marketing career because the ideas and concepts mattered to the business owner I was talking to. That is 100% true.

What Is an Auto Repair Marketing Guerilla?

I can’t sum up this entire book in a paragraph, but if you want to do your auto repair marketing like a guerilla, it really comes down to a state of mind.

Guerilla marketing in action

This was probably cheap to do, really stuck in people’s minds and made them laugh. Classic guerilla marketing.

You need to have a laser-like focus on your customer’s needs, wants and desires as well as your own bottom line. I hate to burst your bubble, but nobody really cares about your business — they care about themselves. It’s also very important to realize that people very rarely remember the exact details about an experience (that includes price); they remember how experiences make them feel. So make your customers feel great when they do business with you! Real auto repair marketing guerillas know that the most profitable marketing is spent on current customers, so when yours receive their reminder postcards, make sure that they remember having an awesome experience with your company.

How Do I Become an Auto Repair Marketing Guerilla?

So, do you want to take your auto repair marketing to the next level? Here are the steps:

  1. Buy, and read, Guerilla Marketing. If you enjoy being a business owner, you’ll enjoy this book.
  2. It will be great to understand the “why” of marketing after reading the book above but trust me, you want your auto repair marketing to be automated so you can focus on your customers and your craft. That’s what we do. If you haven’t already, get yourself a CustomerLink marketing bundle!
  3. Follow along on our blog! I’ll be going through this book highlighting the most important auto repair marketing ideas and pointing out how you can use these ideas in your auto repair business. I also hope to get some great discussions going so we can all learn together (yep, I plan on learning from you guys, too).

Are you already an auto repair marketing guerilla or have you already read this book? If so, leave a comment below telling us one way you used what you learned in your business!

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